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Prices for rental apartments declined in many regions of Ukraine

Last month, one- and two-bedroom apartments rent cost decreased in almost two thirds of the regions of Ukraine. Rent an apartment tenant has become more expensive 36% of settlements.

Cities, which fell markedly rent one-bedroom apartments, this Lions (4%), Kiev (3.1%) and Donetsk (about 2%). The cheapest rent a house can now be in Fastov - 1500 hryvnia. A significant drop in prices for rental apartments according site on three-room apartments in Kiev was 5.7%.

Such reduction probably related to the low demand for rental apartments, which was typical for the previous month. In any case, renting an apartment in Kiev is still cheaper not name. That she did not beat much people can afford, even planned to build high-rise buildings, which will specifically not be a large area, and citizens investing in them suggest these apartments for rental of such housing at a reasonable price. Apartments will try to equip them with all necessary amenities. That is, the rent will not have to be in Kiev this unattainable for ordinary people. However, the project still needs to be put into practice.

The cost of apartments for rent is always dependent on its location. The prestigious area, the higher the cost of rental rates and the employer will have to pay more than for housing. Suffice it to say that the studio apartment in Kiev, located close to metro stations, could cost as much as two-room and closer to the edge.

As for the summer season, the high demand rent apartments. Graduation, celebration or holiday vacation all this is the reason for the popularity of this service. On the level of long-term lease rates virtually unchanged. The cheapest option to stay in a separate room, with the price depends on the area and distance from the center.

We can not exclude the possibility that reducing the cost for the surrender of apartments in many cities of Ukraine - a temporary phenomenon, says Anatoly Karpа. director of real estate agency in Kiev - "Victoria & Co" - "Soon, the rental price will include tax costs, together with the potential risks Even students returning after the summer vacation, surely increase the demand is not necessary to forget about the people who come to work.. "

. Despite the recent reduction, in two years the average price of one-bedroom apartments increased removal rates of 21%, and two-by 9%, ie the value of the property is still growing.