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How to rent an apartment?

Before a lot of people who are going to rent an apartment there is a question, and how to do it correctly? For a start it is worth remembering that the shoot and take shelter can be either through special real estate agency or independently. Of course, only through their own efforts to rent a house it will be very difficult. After all, you have to learn from relatives, friends, colleagues on a free apartment, which the owner wants to pass the lease. But such an option would be cheaper and more acceptable to the tenant. In turn, rent apartments in Kiev will become much more expensive if you use a real estate agency services, in fact have to pay the broker's commission, is engaged in the selection of housing.

It becomes clear that, if we look for a suitable apartment only through their own efforts, we will have to do it carefully and very accurately. If we still found a suitable option directly from the owners, the tenant looked living space and has exactly already decided to conclude an agreement, then in any case should not be hasty to sign documents on the lease. For a start will have to thoroughly check all the papers proving ownership. In stock must have certificate of title to the apartment, as well as documents that justify the acquisition of rights. That is, it may be a contract of sale, donation, purchase of real estate by inheritance.

This Kiev rent apartment must be legally clean. What does it mean? It is only that for this type of property should not be seized by the judiciary. Otherwise, stay here will be simply impossible. The tenant should not hesitate to ask all the necessary documentation, and including the property owner passport. No need to settle for viewing copies of documents. It is mandatory only originals need to consider carefully all the documents. If, however, the alleged owner has no intention to deceive the future tenant, it will not resist and voluntarily provide all the necessary certificates, passports, papers on the right registration.