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Since March 2014,in rental segment the demand for small-sized apartments in Kiev has increased.

Since March 2014,in rental segment the demand for small-sized apartments in Kiev has increased. Real estate agencies have recorded a rapid increase of accommodation demand, the price of rent stays at the range of 4000 – 5000 grn. The demand exceeded the list of apartments almost in twice, which realtors have arranged.

If you look at the capital residential real estate market in the context of short-term apartments rental, it is possible to see the following picture: the price of one-room apartment in Kiev is about 6000grn. per month, two-rooms apartment 10000grn, three-rooms apartment nearly 14000grn. per month. It stands to mention, that at successful transaction for  renter it is often possible to reduce the initial price in average on 10-15%.

The most accessible areas for those, who want to rent  apartment in Kiev for the month are Troyeshchyna and Borschagivka, where the average cost of one-room apartment renting starts from 4500 up to 5000 grn.per month. Then there are Vinogradar and Teremki from 5200 to 6500 grn. per month, Sviatoshyn, Pozdnyaki, Goloseevo 6000 grn. per month , Obolon from 8000grn. per month. And the most expensive appeared the central region, where the starting price ranges from 10 000 grn. and up to 20 000grn. per month. The minimal cost of one-room rent apartment Kiev in the capital is 6 000grn., that should make them more attractive. However, renters give priority to one-room apartment for rent. For 40% of proposals to realtors come about 55.8% of the applications from residents. Only 40% applications come from those,who wish to rent two-rooms apartments.

Offers for distribution of short-term rental apartment in city districts are rather uniform. For share of south, east, and south-east accounts for about 14.5%, for north-west and south-west -6.5%, for central - 8.5%. It should be noted, that the daily rent of apartments isn’t very popular among the residents of the city.

At the end of last year, the average market price for the rental apartments without intermediaries has increased by 9%. This year, because of strong demand during the seasonal market growth, rental price of the property is expected to increase even more. The interest of Ukrainian citizens in renting is dictated by economic considerations: rental of apartments costs 5 - 6%  from the value, for a mortgage you have to pay nearly18 - 24%, plus the loan.