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How to protect yourself from surprises?

How to build up a relationship with the landlord?

Finding an apartment for rent is only a half the work. After that follows  communication with host when the discussion about number of nuances is important. The task of the tenant is  to provide peace and safety, of the landlord - to receive a  payment in time and to see an apartment safe and sound. And if one landlord  have a business attitude and believes that it is a simple variant of income, the other preserves every detail too reverently, wants to control the tenant constantly. The landlord  believes that there is a right to visit an apartment at any convenient time. Remember, according to the law, during the period of the contract, on  lessee (tenant) goes a right to have an apartment untouched. However, if the landlord went on such a risky step as rental apartments in Kiev without intermediaries and did not make any legal competent contract,  there can be unpleasant surprises and the owner will appear on the doorstep at the most inopportune moment, without any warnings.


Contact real estate agencies and experts will explain your legal rights and help you to draw up a contract competently, in which all items related to visit, etc will be discussed.  As in this case, the lease of apartments in Kiev from hosts will be carried out through the legally mediator -   through the real estate agency Kiev,  specialists will be able to explain the owner that a tenant  has a law to demand the absence of visiting without warning. But when you initially see that the owner plans to visit the property when he wants, it is better to abandon such a lease. The change of locks, which was discussed with owner, can solve the problem. That means, he will not be able to enter to apartment in your absence. In this case, you have to discuss the frequency of visits, in order to unexpected calls at the door did not bother you at inopportune time. In the usual practice  the landlord does not come more than once a month, when takes a charge, informs a tenant about it in advance. If the good relationship between  landlord and tenant has been established, money can be transferred to bank card, in this case the peace for tenants will be guaranteed